Recharging Our Batteries by Working With Startups

We all feel the drag of the 9-5 workday after a while. The question is, what do you do about it?  We have found a sure fire way to recharge our batteries without the consumption of 5-hour Energy or Red Bull drinks – engaging with startups.

The GCAi team has been supporting the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem for several years now.  While our services are entirely pro-bono, we get just as much as we give. To date, our efforts have been targeted to the startups associated with Valley Venture Mentors and MassChallenge. We are also regular attendees at Tech Cocktail events in Boston. To put it simply, the people we have met are amazing and inspiring.  In the “Start With Why” words of Simon Sinek, “They believe what we believe.” While we might not always understand their secret sauce (OMG – understanding was a stretch for sure), we do have a few promotional tricks up our sleeve to support their traction and launch efforts.

Recently, our SEO PR efforts paid off big time for two of the startups we are helping. AET was featured in  Mass High Tech, and national technology media company Tech Cocktail did a story on Bon Hiver this week.  GCAi also holds office hours regularly at MassChallenge. Kristy Riley recently offered advice to startups on SEO PR (the Tech Cocktail story came out of that effort) and Mary Fallon, a Google AdWords Qualified Planner, held office hours on online advertising.

So, we’re addicted and so proud of the accelerators and startups we work with (hint: that means you will be hearing more in the future).

Catching Up With Tech Pals In Boston

Catching Up With Tech Pals In Boston

At a recent Tech Cocktail event, John Garvey (L) and Scott Foster( R), both board members of Valley Venture Mentors, caught up with  Tech Cocktail founder Frank Gruber and VVM alum and PeopleHedge co-founder Damon Magnuski. John and Damon met up last year at Tech Cocktail’s demo day through a networking app, leading to Damon’s subsequent application to VVM