Mary K. Shea (Fallon) and John J. Garvey discuss digital marketing on WGBY’s Connecting Point.

Results – every client wants them and it’s a reasonable request. But it’s difficult to measure the results yielded by traditional, impression-based marketing. While it’s logical to think that customers hear your ad on the radio or see it on TV or in print, it’s hard to measure the effectiveness of any of those marketing channels.

GCAi digital marketing has changed all of that. We offer a suite of technologies including SEO PR, Online Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management, each capable of producing highly measurable results. Our analysts can tell you how many people viewed your content, clicked on your ad or were talking about your company. We can also provide you with robust data on what your customers and prospects are thinking, wanting and doing.

When we link (pun intended) traditional media with online, the results are even more impressive.