Key Takeaways from the PR + Social Media Summit

Last week the GCAI team traveled to Milwaukee, WI to attend the PR + Social Media Summit at Marquette University. I presented during the panel discussion, Online Reputation Management: Tools, Tactics, and Tips from Experts on the Front Lines while John moderated the panel. Mary also moderated the panel, Engaging with Social Media Communities for the Right Reasons and the Right Outcomes.

When not busy presenting, we attended multiple breakout sessions and also listened to keynotes from George G Smith Jr., Sr. Manager, Social Activation Strategy and Execution at PepsiCo, and Jennifer McTighe, Director for External Relations at IBM Research. We learned a lot at the summit and wanted to share some of our takeaways from the event with you!

John Garvey and George G Smith Jr. at the PR + Social Media Summit

George G. Smith Jr. and John Garvey presenting at the PR + Social Media Summit.

John’s Takeaways:

  • How advanced Marquette University is; students’ questions, participation, MU greeted me on Twitter when I arrived.
  • Social media has arrived for major brands – it is not “new”, “an after-thought”, something for kids – or interns…
  • Strategy is all important – know where you are going and what to measure.
  • Concentrating on building fans is so yesterday.

Mary’s Takeaways:

  • Social media isn’t about promoting new products/services; it’s a virtual culture for your brand.
  • The future of social media is moving toward radical transparency.

Laura’s Takeaways:

  • Redefine influence. Always remember that small communities online matter just as much as the larger ones.
  • Don’t complain about changes to social media platforms. The platforms have to change to survive.
  • Focus on engagement with your communities, not the number of fans or followers you have.

Were you at the PR + Social Media Summit? Anything you would like to add? Please feel free to email me. Thanks! – Laura