4 Truths About Video: The King of Marketing 2017

We know what you may be thinking: “not another 2017 marketing predictions article!” Don’t worry, here on #GCAiPlanet, we won’t be predicting anything about 2017 in this article — we’re going to let the facts speak for themselves. We’ll show why video was crowned king of marketing in 2016 and why it will continue to […]

What’s on the mind of bank marketing leaders in 2017?

Data – they are awash in it and, while they want to harness its potential, they also don’t want to drown in it either. That was one of the key takeaways from the recent Media Buying Innovation Summit hosted by the Massachusetts Bankers Association and GCAi. The Summit kicked off with a panel discussion facilitated […]

How Google Uses Your Information For Ad Targeting

GCAi’s AdWords expert explains how Google uses behavior and search history to target you with advertisements. Google knows everything about you. The behemoth search engine uses web browser data, including behavior and search history, to store away an unfathomable amount of information about each of its users. As a result, Google is one of the […]

6 Simple Tips To Increase Media Coverage For Your Brand

Ann Wylie’s latest blog post, The Release Is Dead, had us more excited than we were for the return of pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks this fall. It is nice to hear that an award-winning communications professional like Ann believes what we believe – that the traditional PR release is dead. In fact, we haven’t […]

Millennials Weigh In On The Future Of Their Favorite App: Snapchat

In 2013, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg showed up at Evan Spiegel’s front door with $3 billion stuffed in a suitcase and offered it up to the 24 year old in exchange for his disappearing messaging application, Snapchat. Spiegel famously told Zuckerberg to take a hike. Or at least that’s how we imagine it happening. Since that […]