“Our video series on entrepreneurs, produced for PeoplesBank, won a creative award.”

Remember the Emperor’s New Clothes?

They were invisible and that’s what you are on the Internet and social media without video.

Right, invisible. Why? Because Google likes video and if you have video, your site will search better. Plus, think about this. If you are using static images on your website and in your social media, you are using a technology that dates back to the mid-1800s. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth like eleventy-billion words. Think about that! Mind blowing, right?

Traveling all over New England, GCAi shoots and produces over 100 videos and animations every year. Our app marketing videos have been on every single Peter Pan Bus in the Northeast for the past three years. Our video series on entrepreneurs, produced for PeoplesBank, won an Ad Club creative award. The many, many doctors of Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists love video because of its ability to take complex treatments like direct anterior approach hip replacement and turn them into interesting and even entertaining “Hips In A Day” content.

And, like a crazed chef with a drawer full of Ginsu knives, our editing suite is chopping these videos up for dissemination across the web and social media resulting in millions of impressions, tons of engagement, and bucket loads of clicks.

We’ll leave you here. Video is best for storytelling – your story. We think you have a story that is worth telling and that will separate you from the pack.