People are getting a lot of information from the web.  People – meaning reporters and prospective customers.  GCAI Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Public Relations services can put your company right in front of them.  Think about it – they type in a topic related to your business and your story, video, and Facebook Fan page pops up on that critical first page of Google search results. We can do that. And, that content is “evergreen” meaning that it is going to stay there for a long time popping up in search after search.

Here is something to worry about. People may be talking about you right now on the web.  Are they saying good things or very bad things?  Negative reviews are VERY bad for business. Our search and social intelligence software can listen, engage, score, and geo-locate commentary as well as archive specific content on numerous sites which is critical to Online Reputation Management. It discovers positive and negative content related to our clients’ brand and the competition. This real-time data helps us detect threats to brands early and address them before they become the next internet horror story.