In response to the demands from businesses and marketers, online advertising opportunities continually increase. This results in more options and much more confusion. Creating, implementing, monitoring, optimizing and analyzing online advertising is very complex. Some ads will only generate impressions while others may provide click-thrus. With online advertising, as in offline, if you don’t know what you are doing, you are very likely to waste money.


GCAi online advertising campaigns are built to generate highly measurable results. We are a Certified Google Partner and our Individually Qualified Google AdWords professionals are independently tested and certified in several different aspects of online advertising every year. They are experts in creating effective campaigns on both the search and display networks. For the search network, that means when someone is searching for information that is related to one of your products or services, your ad will show with their search results. Display network ads can be placed on sites like, or The ads are programmed to appear on these sites with related content and can be geo-targeted.

Google Partner