John Garvey, WGBY & Purple Hearts Reunited Return Lost Dog Tags [Connecting Point]

The lost dog tags that had been kept in a safe spot ever since John Garvey’s son found them on their property over ten years ago have been returned to their rightful owner. WGBY’s Connecting Point spoke with John about how the owner was found and how the tags were returned to Robert Bennett’s family after over a decade of searching for him:

“John was on the Connecting Point website and saw the web premiere of Captain Fike talking to me about Purple Hearts Reunited. Immediately, he thought of the dog tags his young son had found over 10 years ago at their house in Wilbraham. Mr. Garvey had been trying to find the rightful owner over the past 10 years whenever an opportunity presented itself.

LostDogTagsHe contacted veteran organizations, military friends and some government departments– even trying Dog tags have changed over time though: the service numbers of military personnel are now a social security number. Mr Garvey was limited by his lack of access to databases that someone like Captain Fike could use for Purple Hearts Reunited [More].