Google Partner Certification: GCAi 1, Ninja-Gurus 0

Everyone is an expert, guru or even a ninja on the Internet. So, it is no wonder that many businesses do not know the right digital marketing moves. On the other-hand, if Google says you earned the black belt equivalent in online advertising that surely means something. And, they said just that to us (brag!).


Mary Fallon | Media Director

GCAi is now a Google Partner, a unique certification that designates us as an experienced and trusted online advertising expert.  We have had Google AdWords Qualified planners on staff for several years now and achieved our partner designation through “demonstrated expertise, experience, and a measurably high level of customer satisfaction” – as Google likes to say.

“Online advertising is very complicated and changes all the time,” noted Mary K. Fallon, Media Director for GCAi and an Individually Qualified Google AdWords Planner. “The Google AdWords network provides access to incredibly powerful online advertising tools and platforms.  We spend the time getting certified each year and building and managing campaigns so our clients don’t have to. They just receive highly measurable results.”

Achieving Google Partner status is no walk in the dojo either. Our AdWords planners must take certification exams each year and in several different categories. Those rigorous standards ensure that we continue to build high quality campaigns and apply best practices as quickly as they develop. Through the Google Search Network, we can place high quality ads right next to related search results. Sensei Google also taught us how to use The Google Display Networks to place geo-targeted, cost effective ads on content sites like (Boston Globe), (New York Times), and (Wall Street Journal). Those are just a few of the bazillion choices we have.

Time to bring back Mary Fallon: “All the social media marketing and online advertising platforms we use, including Google, are constantly in flux so it’s important that we stay up-to-date with every algorithm tweak, system upgrade, and protocol change. Therefore, the learning process never truly ends.”

GCAi also creates and manages social media marketing campaigns on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter. And one more thing grasshopper – GCAi is the only digital marketing agency in our market to hold Google Partner status. “Kiai” ninja-gurus!