What GCAI is Thankful for This Thanksgiving

For this week’s edition of GCAI’s social media news we wanted to switch it up and in honor of Thanksgiving we each listed what we are thankful for. Enjoy!

Screenshot of Google Turkey


Two things that immediately come to mind…starting with the most important – I am most thankful for the creativity and determination of my peers here at GCAI. Mary Fallon, Laura Chechette, Kaitlyn Bigica, and Michelle Wolters are what makes our business a success .  Without them, I would be just another guy with a good idea and a dining room table.

From a technology standpoint – I am thankful for all things Apple.  Our iPhones, iPad, and MacBooks have transformed the way we conduct SEO PR and digital marketing.


I am is thankful for the opportunity to present and discuss GCAI’s SEO/SMO/ORM approach with college students because I love my job and hope to inspire others to pursue a career in marketing and communications.


I am thankful for social media tools like HootSuite and TweetDeck because they allow me to schedule Facebook and Twitter posts for GCAI’s clients on Thanksgiving while I am enjoying my turkey and mashed potatoes. I am also thankful for Kaitlyn Bigica who helped me create and schedule all of those Facebook and Twitter posts.