The Recipe For Community Management Success Is A Snap

20141205_gcai_09Social media success is simultaneously a mystery and the Holy Grail. Experts abound promising likers, fans, followers, but rarely sales. Enter GCAi Social Media Analyst James Garvey. At the 2014 Lift Brands Corporate Conference in Las Vegas, his work was recognized with a “Top 10 Social Media Standouts” award.

James has been working with a regional SnapFitness gym and fitness center for several months now. His quest, per GCAi mantra, was not an award, but results for the client (aka sales). Working with ownership, James devised a plan to harvest Really Relevant Content (RRC) and disseminate it according to a defined editorial calendar. He regularly celebrated the milestones in members lives – sometimes birthdays, other times funny occurrences, but always their success in reaching their fitness objectives. His cookbook for success also called for just a pinch of promotion – in this case free promotion as opposed to paid.  Sprinkling in new services, gym updates, and sign-up specials, James devised a master plan that combines RRC, member news, and gym updates that has grown both online fans and helped achieve a 25% increase in real world sales.

Here is James’ recipe for small business social media success:

1. Using a large sauce pan, stir in ample amounts of business sales objectives

2. Add, according to a predefined editorial calendar several scoops of RRC, two cups of customer news, and a sprinkle of promotion

3. Stir frequently to ensure all the ingredients blend nicely

4. When engagement begins to bubble up, do not take the pan off the stove, but instead drop in some comments of your own


Bon Appetite