GCAiPlanet Return Engagement: What Mary Shea would have said about new Google AdWords opportunities

By now, just about everyone who is anyone has heard the story. Just as she was being introduced as the next speaker at the Massachusetts Bankers Association’s Media Buying Innovation Summit, Mary Shea was hit by the flu and texted John Garvey that she could not give her presentation. Bruce Spitzer, Communications Director, was just uttering the words, “…please welcome Mary Shea” as John walked to the front of the room to take her place. The audience, thinking “this old guy doesn’t look like a Mary Shea,” was clearly confused.

John launched into his opening remarks on the power of Google AdWords after a brief review of Mary’s incredibly detailed talking points. James Garvey followed with a exciting presentation on Social Media Marketing and Darcy Fortune ended the day by providing a wealth of knowledge on video marketing best practices.

Substitutions aside, the presentations actually didn’t go that badly and evaluations showed that John’s “Mary Shea” imitation scored quite well. But, what John could not deliver was Mary’s new opportunities for Google AdWords users.

So, the staff of #GCAiPlanet, always striving to get the story right, produced this video. Enjoy.

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