GCAi Donations Help Build Schools In Central America

GCAi in Central America

Students in Aguadulce wearing #GCAiPlanet t-shirts and holding soccer balls that GCAi donated.

Each year for the last 10 years, our friend Bradford Martin, a Partner at Morrison Mahoney LLP, has gone to Central America to help build and establish schools for children.

Sponsored by Brad’s church, Bethany Assembly of God in Agawam, MA, he and the other volunteers work with Latin American ChildCare to find schools in need of new classrooms and then make the trip down with supplies to help. So far, they have gone to Honduras, Dominican Republic, Panama, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

image2This year Brad went to Aguadulce, Panama, about 2.5 hours southwest of Panama City. Prior to his trip, schooling there would end for children at 5th grade due to insufficient space – they needed more classrooms. Brad and the other volunteers built 3 classrooms and 2 bathrooms in the 10 days they were there. The school previously had about 200 students.  Now, thanks in large part to Brad, the classrooms there will allow for another 100 students to get schooling and will get them to the 8th grade.

image1GCAi was happy to contribute to this outstanding cause. Our donation, along with others from charitable local organizations such as The Town of East Longmeadow, allowed Brad to purchase a new stove, hood, oven, refrigerator, freezer and utensils to help feed the students and community. We also sent some #GCAiPlanet t-shirts and soccer balls for the children in Aguadulce.