GCAI Thanks Laura Chechette

Laura Chechette, former Public Relations Analyst for GCAISaying goodbye is never easy, yet reluctantly we say that to Laura Chechette, our Public Relations Analyst. Laura came to us just over a year ago, having served in public relations as well as a variety of other roles. She attacked the emergent discipline of Online Reputation Management (ORM) with gusto and quickly became one of a few national experts in using it for Search Engine Optimized (SEO) purposes. That’s a bold statement – but anyone who has the patience and discipline to review over 40 different ORM platforms, participate in a weekly Twitter chat with other thought leaders, and present at PR and Social Media conferences on the subject (which was held at a national university) deserves that title.

We’ll miss her for sure, but are proud of her accomplishments in such a short time and the fact that she could take a daily drubbing on her lack of height from her boss (JG is lucky that vertically challenged individuals are not a protected federal class). Laura always wanted to continue her formal education in the field and was recently accepted as a graduate fellow at the Emerson College School of Communications Management in Boston, MA. Congratulations and best of luck Laura!!