GCAI on WGBY’s “Connecting Point”: Digital Marketing for Small Business

Ever wonder how businesses are taking advantage of social media and the internet to launch their success? Well, John Garvey and Mary Fallon from GCAI gave the low-down on WGBY’s “Connecting Point” on what to do once your website and social media profiles are set up- because that part is just the beginning.

So where do you go from there?  John stressed that after your site is setup there must be a continued effort to refresh the content and keep it updated, and when businesses create this content they must do so with two audiences in mind, machine and people.  The content should engage a reader yet also have keywords that search engines value.

An important tool to utilize when driving traffic to a website is social media.  Mary emphasized social media is “just an add on to your website.  Your website is a home base and social media is a way to expand on that and have direct communication with customers and prospects.” John said that frequency in social media posts is important for algorithmic reasons and attaching media to posts increases its value. It also opens up a direct line of communication and engagement for business-to-client interaction, or in the case of LinkedIn business-to-business interaction.

Small businesses should also understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO). John and Mary noted that using social media is an effective way to drive your business to the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) so that your business is easily accessible by clients and customers.

Clients should be able to easily navigate through your site on their mobile phone which can be done by enabling the mobile setting on your website or using a website building platform like WordPress. Investing in a Smartphone will also allow a small business to constantly stay in contact with clients and update social media while they are out of the office or in the field.

Combining these tools to create an online presence and strategy is a valuable way to create a connection with your cliental and customers.  John said “there are tremendous audiences online and if you agree with that mentality then connecting with them through social tools becomes rather easy.”

To see John and Mary’s interview and get more tips on how to launch your small business online strategy visit: http://vimeo.com/38051594.