GCAi Launches New Videos for Peter Pan Bus Lines App Marketing and Perks Rewards Program

While apps are nothing new, app marketing is. Most businesses with apps fail to move beyond the launch into actually engaging their customers in the benefits. That’s pretty shocking because the benefits flow both ways – to the customer and to the company.

But, there’s more. In this case, much more. When you combine the app with a rewards program, things really accelerate. In fact, 80% of travelers purchase tickets through a rewards program. Combined with a travel app, customers gain incredible convenience and benefits that, in this case, include free travel. So, ride on any Peter Pan Bus right now and you will not only view a new app marketing video but also a new Perks Rewards program video. In between the two marketing videos is a brief welcome message by company Chairman & CEO, Peter Picknelly.

Garvey Communication Associates Inc. (GCAI) produced the three videos which are already being shown on all routes in the Northeast Corridor. Each of them was produced by award-winning video producer Darcy A. Young, one of the only female video producers in the market. The concepts and scripts were developed by GCAi founder John Garvey.

“These videos always present a creative and production challenge for us,” explained Darcy. “We have to capture the attention of a distracted bus passenger with something exciting, then shift to the sincere and more serious tone of the CEO, and then back to upbeat and engaging. It’s a lot of fun, but a lot of fine-tuning too.”

The app and rewards videos will be disseminated through digital marketing campaigns in certain markets in the near future. These videos are the third in a series of passenger videos produced by GCAi that began when Peter Pan Bus Lines separated from Greyhound Bus Lines in 2017.

The videos can be viewed at gcaionline.com/video.