GCAi Associates Load Up Ad Club Board

DSC_0787Ever wonder what GCAi digital marketing team members do after hours? Aside from caring for our precious pets and getting some cardio in at the Y, our digital marketing pursuits don’t stop once the office doors close for the night.

For several years, Mary Shea, GCAi’s Vice President Digital Strategy, has gathered with a premiere group of advertising and marketing professionals, known as the Ad Club of Western Mass. Mary is stepping into her second year as Vice President of the club and co-chair of the Pynchon Committee. Just yesterday, James Garvey, GCAi’s Social Media Marketing Analyst, got the nod as well and will serve as an at large board member. The Ad Club has long served as the nexus of all things advertising in Western Mass. Made up of writers, photographers, web designers, media, and marketers – there is no shortage of creative energy brewing. “The organization is really about providing opportunities for industry professionals to network, build relationships, and share ideas,” explains Mary. “I’m excited to have a GCAi team member on the board with me and I think James can contribute a lot with his knowledge of the latest marketing trends.”

The club also recognizes creative excellence, distinguished public service, and awards scholarships annually. “The Ad Club is another way for me to help enrich the advertising and marketing community,” added James. “I’m honored to be a part of this growing group of creative professionals.”