Overcoming Hurdles to Online Video

At GCAI we rarely go a day without discussing videos for the web. Whether we’re creating a media plan, updating a website, or formulating a public relations approach, online video is commonly in the mix. As a still emerging technology, of course there are questions being raised such as: Is there a lack of online video ad inventory? How does an advertiser value the performance of this ad type? Does the video’s content meet brand communication standards and comply with legal guidelines? What about the data caps that mobile providers are implementing? In order to gain some perspective on these concerns we turned to Dave Sweeney, co-owner of viz-bang! and a video communications expert. Dave was an early adopter of digital video and he specializes in optimizing video for online and social media engagement. Here is what he had to say:davesweeney

As with any new technology, there will be barriers to entry, such as the hurdles mentioned in the Digiday article on Web video. Regarding lack of inventory, the key is careful forethought when planning a video strategy in order to produce several videos from a half-day or full-day video shoot, thereby building inventory and increasing return on investment. While it is true that many network providers are examining data caps as part of their plan offering, our position is that consumers will continue to access video, regardless of the data plan, at the expense of other data types, such as apps or photo sharing. While there may be a lack of standards for online video advertising, this hurdle is outweighed by the fact that online video advertising is highly measurable, more so than other mediums. And online video allows for a high degree of targeting across many different distribution channels. While Web video may come with a few hurdles to overcome, the benefits of online video far outweigh the challenges.

-Dave Sweeney


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