Key Points From The PRSA 2011 Digital Impact Conference

Recently John and Mary attended the PRSA 2011 Digital Impact Conference, “Building Knowledge, Skills and Value for the New Decade”. A couple presentations in particular resonated with us and we wanted to share a few key points from each.

“Read it! Grab it! Share it!: Optimize Content for Curators”

Presenter: Rachelle Spero, director, Brunswick Group

1. – allows users to add social media sharing features to content. Also, allows for tracking/measurement.
2.       Google your industry plus 100 – to get the top influencers in your industry.
3. – provides the top blogs which can be searched by industry.
4. – a virtual stock market for social media.

SNCR Award-Winning Case Study: Measurements 201: How to Move Beyond Awareness

Presenter: Joe Chernov, director of content, Eloqua

Great video created by Joe that we recommend watching. Also, check out the Eloqua Social Media Playbook.

1.       Be relevant and helpful
2.       Create “share-worthy content”.
3.       Form real relationships
4.       People trust people more than brands
5.       Influence influencers by becoming one

If you have suggestions for future Social Media News posts, want to ask questions or share thoughts, please feel free to email me. Thanks! – Laura