Google Rolls Out Enhanced Campaigns

google-adwordsLike most people, I’m usually within arm’s length of an Internet connected device whether it be my iPhone, iPad, or Mac Book. I tend to use my iPhone and iPad for browsing and research purposes while I make purchases online via my laptop or within a physical store. So how does this behavior affect a marketer that is trying to reach me with an ad? Well, according to the article Google’s Big Move: Targeting Contexts, Not Screens , Google AdWords is trying to address this issue by rolling out enhanced campaigns – an upgrade to the advertising system which makes it more capable with the multi-device world we live in today. The following are a few changes that are taking place:


Increased bid adjustment functionality:

  • Set bids based on a number of factors to increase customer response and lower costs


More sitelinks control:

  • Now at the ad group level, not the campaign level
  • Can choose which sitelinks to show based on time of day, device, and location
  • Better reporting – can see the performance of the individual sitelinks


Calls included as conversions:

  • Allows advertisers to count calls generated from campaigns over a certain duration as  a conversion


Target all devices at once:

  • No longer able to have separate campaigns for computers and mobile devices
  • Can’t target specific operating systems such as Android or iOS


To date, reviews of this upgrade have been mixed. Some facets such as increased bid adjustment metrics have been well received while no longer allowing marketers to have separate campaigns for computers and mobile devices have been disliked. Google expects the rollout of enhanced campaigns to be completed by July. Our AdWords account hasn’t been upgraded yet but we look forward to using it. Stay tuned!

-Mary Fallon