How Many People View Your Facebook Posts? Confused By Community Pages? Social Media News Explains

Do you love the information that Facebook Insights gives you as a fan page administrator?  Now you can now see per post impressions and the feedback for each individual post according to this Biz Report article.  But what counts as an impression? According to the Facebook Help Center “the impression number is the raw number of impressions that have been shown to users. These impressions can come from a user’s news feed, a visit to the Page, or through an Open Graph social plugin.”  Seems a little vague to me…please let me know if you have found a more thorough explanation.  Overall, I like the new and improved Insights because you can see the posts that led to engagement and the ones that didn’t.  With the new information you can work to eliminate the later.

While Facebook has enhanced their Insights, their community pages still need some work.  AdvertisingAge reports that there are millions of unclaimed pages on Facebook right now and recommends that businesses claim their community page before Facebook changes again. So what’s the problem? Well, once you claim your community page it may converge with your original fan page which can result in lost content and formatting changes.  Not good! If you have any experience with this we’d like to hear your story.

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