Do You “Like” The New Facebook Changes? Fan Pages, Movies, and More

Facebook is once again making lots of changes, but in this case we at Garvey Communication believe “change is good.”  The biggest change is happening today when all Facebook Fan Pages will switch from the current page layout to a new layout that is similar to a personal profile page.  Although some fan pages have already switched over voluntarily, all pages will be automatically changed by Facebook on March 10.

Garvey Communication Fan Page Featuring New Layout

Garvey Communication Fan Page Featuring New Layout

What we like about the fan page changes:

  • The fan page can now post to other fan pages. It can also “like” posts as the fan page (versus the admin from a personal profile).
  • The fan page admin now receives an email alert when someone comments or likes a post on their fan page.
  • A newsfeed for your fan page is now available.
  • The ability to view new “likers” of your page is now in the notifications section.

The article 8 New Facebook Page Changes: What You Need to Know from the Social Media Examiner goes into great detail about the changes and includes many screen shots and instructions to help you make the necessary changes to your fan page.

The second big change is the way the “like” button on Facebook functions. This article, Facebook Like Button Gains Better Sharing Functionality, from Hubspot explains that now when users “like” something it will be shared on their wall and will appear in their friends newsfeed.

The last and most recent change is that Warner Bros. has announced the ability to rent and watch movies on Facebook. The first movie available is The Dark Knight.  I personally like watching movies on Netflix, but maybe this “experiment” will catch on.

That’s it for this week, if you have suggestions for future Social Media News posts, want to ask questions or share thoughts, please feel free to email me. Thanks! – Laura

P.S. This Facebook Infograph includes some interesting statistics about Facebook usage in the United States and is worth a look.  🙂