John Costello Social Media Analyst

John D. Costello | SEO PR Analyst

Like Lana Turner, John Costello was discovered in an unusual way. John’s “Top Hat Café” was the local YMCA. Generally speaking, you don’t hear people talking about social media and online advertising very often, especially not at the gym. Yet, it was his conversation about those very subjects with another fitness enthusiast that caught the attention of GCAi founder John Garvey. Only a few weeks later, John was tweeting away for the company.

John started at GCAi as a Social Media Analyst and was soon appointed to his current position.  When he hits the 20th floor each morning, he immediately begins to harness a digital content tsunami for the benefit of GCAi and its clients. Supervising the company’s content production for SEO PR, social media and email marketing, John ensures the content created exceeds the share-worthy threshold and that it is purposed properly for each platform where it is posted. Given that digital channels are constantly in flux, he has an appetite for continuous learning and evaluation, and also has the patience of a saint.

John’s Holy Grail is to wrangle each channel’s functionality to suit GCAi’s SEO PR dissemination protocols and social media engagement goals for campaigns. This, along with the company’s online advertising and email marketing talents, gives GCAi the unique ability to reach highly targeted audiences. He also deftly proves the effectiveness of the GCAi approach through the real-time analytics provided by each platform as well as his experience in translating those insights into more of a universal impact.

John earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in marketing from Bryant University in Smithfield, RI. He is a member of the New England Financial Marketing Association, the Advertising Club of Western Massachusetts and an associate member of The Public Relations Society of America. He continues to work out at the same gym as John, but is able to humble him by combining beer tasting and basketball – a feat his boss is unable to match.

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