James J. Garvey | Digital Marketing | PR Analyst

James Garvey was there at the beginning – a time before Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Way back near the turn of the century, James rode into the Social Media era on MySpace – MySpace part one for those of you in the know.

Today, he plans and implements Digital Marketing and  Social Media Marketing campaigns for financial services companies, healthcare organizations and transportation organizations, to name a few. James is also a Google AdWords Qualified Planner, meaning he is tested by Google and is proficient in setting up and managing successful campaigns on their advertising network.

With a few purposeful keystrokes, James can cost-effectively engage targeted audiences. A typical day in the life of James consists of writing and optimizing a variety of PR and marketing content for Social Media dissemination. Then he works with his team to boost reach, frequency, and engagement through a variety of promotional techniques. The results are indeed amazing:

Web consultant to client: “Hey, what have you guys been doing with social lately? We’re seeing a lot more action there these days. It looks great!”

Client: “We switched over management of our Social Media to GCAi.”

James and his team regularly review analytics on the Social Media platforms GCAi has under management to ensure that the client’s strategic goals and objectives are being met.

He also donates his time to startups in an effort to help them succeed in both digital marketing and public relations. He has worked with Valley Venture Mentors entrepreneurs since the program’s inception, as well as a variety of MassChallenge finalists and cohorts from around the globe. James is a board member of the Advertising Club of Western Massachusetts and a member of The Public Relations Society of America.

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